Support Development in Catechesis with Hispanics

As an NCCL member you can support catechesis with Hispanics through your active involvement with the Federation for Catechesis with Hispanics (FCH).

From participating in FCH activities to sharing your questions and wisdom in member forums, you are an important part of developing this critical ministry in the Catholic Church.

Your financial support as a Federation Advocate or Federation Colleague provides assistance to FCH for its webinars, newsletters, and pre-conference, as well as giving you voting rights in FCH elections.

Benefits to Members of NCCL/FCH

  • Network with those ministering in catechesis with Hispanics
  • Share best practices in Catechesis with Hispanics
  • Mentorship in Catechesis with Hispanics
  • Webinars
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Pre-conference reduced early  registration fee for current FCH members
  • Advocates and Colleagues eligible to vote, hold office & serve on FCH committees

Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Federation Advocate

Annual Dues- $100 (USD)

Corporate organizations such as: diocesan offices, publishers, educational institutions, religious communities and other national organizations vested in catechesis with Hispanics. These members are eligible to vote, hold office (after attending two consecutive pre-conferences), and serve on committees.Membership fees for such organizations, plus $100.00 if members of FCH. This includes up to 5 members. Additional members are $15.00 each. Pre-conference registration fee is $60.00 per member of that organization if they do not contribute to the expenses of the Pre-conference gathering. NCCL Membership must be current. Please email the names of five members to the NCCL office.

Federation Colleague

Annual Dues- $15 (USD)

Diocesan and/or parish catechetical leaders with the specific function of working with or interested in catechesis with Hispanics. These members are eligible to vote, hold office (after attending two consecutive pre-conferences), and serve on committees. FCH membership fee for individuals is $15.00 payable to NCCL. This entitles the member of all the benefits of NCCL and FCH. Pre-conference registration fee is $60.00. NCCL Membership status must be current. If in question, contact us at

Federation Affiliate

Annual Dues- $35

Those catechists who are potential future catechetical leaders and have been recommended by their diocesan or parish catechetical leader.

The fee for the affiliate is $35.00 payable to NCCL. This entitles to all the benefits of FCH (excludes voting or holding office) and free registration for the pre-conference.


As a U.S. Hispanic woman, I feel that FCH gives me the opportunity to voice my concerns as a member and it empowers me as a Hispanic in a leadership position.
Maria Cruz CordobaDirector of the Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Santa Fe
The Church in the United States must have a space where religious educators and other pastoral leaders come together on a regular basis to reflect about how catechesis takes place in light of the Hispanic Catholic experience. FCH is without a doubt that space —essential to actualize the mission of NCCL in our day— where ideas are shared, catechetical matters are critically engaged, and a fresher vision for the future of religious education in an increasingly Hispanic Church is forged.
Hosffman Ospino, PhDBoston College
Los catequistas Hispanos necesitamos una organización para poder compartir. ¿Qué podemos compartir? Pues, nuestras metas, logros, éxitos, retos y el cómo aprendemos en el camino. FCH es un lugar a donde acudir y encontrar una red de personas con quien se comparte lo que llevo a cabo en las sesiones de catequesis.
Lupita VitaDirectora del Apostolado Hispano, Diócesis de San Jose, CA