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This year the Federation for Catechesis with Hispanics (FCH) is celebrating its second year as a federation of the National Conference for Catechetical Leaders (NCCL). Since its beginnings, the mission of the Federation for Catechesis with Hispanics is to serve as a resource for those professional catechetical leaders at the diocesan and parish level, who minister in Catechesis with Hispanics.   We understand the challenges and opportunities this ministry represents. The United States Bishops in their pastoral statement “ Encuentro and Mission,” affirmed “ Hispanic Catholics are a blessing from God and a prophetic presence that has transformed many dioceses and parishes into more welcoming, vibrant ad evangelizing faith communities.” “It calls for leadership development and catechetical formation within a cultural context and for theological-pastoral reflection on the grassroots level.” (Encuentro and Mission 7)

FCH affirms the emphasis of Encuentro and Mission and seeks to partner with catechetical leaders to reach out to Hispanics with an evangelizing catechesis and a solid formation rooted in scripture, church tradition, and Hispanic religiosity. “The fostering of a spirituality of pastoral de conjunto (communion in mission) needs to be a strong value and principle for pastoral planning and action for all Catholics.” (Encuentro y Mission 9) This model of ministry allows for inclusion and mutual collaboration among all Catholics in dioceses, parishes and national organizations.

FCH offers a space where pastoral de conjunto takes place during the annual Pre-conference in which catechetical leaders learn, dialogue, share best practices and support each other in ministering to Hispanics. This year the FCH Pre-Conference will take place on May 17, 2015 in Buffalo, New York. The topic will address: what is needed to effectively reach out and catechize to U.S.-born Hispanic young adults of the second, third and beyond generations?

We are very excited to have this opportunity and hope you can and join us!

Paz y bendiciones,









María G. Covarrubias
FCH President


Maria Covarrubias

Maria Covarrubias is the Director of Catechetical Ministry for the Diocese of San Bernardino, California. She is a speaker and a Master Catechist who has written and presented courses for basic and advance catechist formation. She has a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Mount Saint Mary’s College. She is from Mexico.

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